Water Supply Cost Put at $120M, but Not All Is Covered

Article excerpt


IT would cost $120 million to supply the southern part of Gladstone region with a council water supply, but it might only be Agnes Water that sees the tick of approval.

A report tabled at yesterday's Gladstone Regional Council meeting shows it would only be financially viable to put in a council water supply to Agnes Water rural residential properties, but not Baffle Creek or Captain Creek.

The report showed it would cost $13,590 per property for a $16.85 million project to supply 1240 properties in Agnes Water.

The report stated the analysis clearly identified that the maximum benefit would be gained by extending the Agnes Water Supply System to the rural residential lots surrounding Agnes Water in the north and south rural residential zones, and the commercial area.

However, the benefit of extending it further would be diminished the further from the Agnes Water area the supply would go.

The benefit, other than a council water supply system, to property owners would be an increase in land values of about $15,000.

For the Captain Creek area, it would cost $21,130 per property to connect 1585 properties for a $33. …