Get It off Your TXT

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Bad day at work? Baffled by Boris's latest move? Text us your heartfelt and hilarious London thoughts Enter ES TEXTS followed by a space then your message, name, address and postcode TEXT TO 65400 Texts cost 25p plus your standard network charge. Terms apply, see ?Ian Jones complains that it took 30 minutes to pass through Gatwick immigration checks. Hells bells! You can wait that long in some post office queues these days. Entering and leaving a country is not to be taken lightly and delays and inconvenience are part of the process.

Mark Newberry ?I wasn't surprised to read of Ian Jones's experience with Gatwick's queues and the notices giving warnings about dire penalties for assaults on staff. The only places where I've ever felt the urge to assault anyone are where similar notices have been put up.

Theresa ?Old Vic theatregoers have complained about not being compensated after seeing a mouse in the theatre. I see mice every day on the Central line but I'm not sure why anyone should compensate me for that -- is there any difference? Mar?As the drought deepens we have reason to be grateful for the decision to have a desalination plant for London, which was blocked by Ken Livingstone when he was Mayor in his mistaken belief the capital didn't need more water. …