Cops and Scribe Share Slammer; Minister Even Bails out Super to Fundraise for Disadvantaged Youth

Article excerpt

Vanessa Marsh

SHOPPERS at Hinkler Central had to look twice on Saturday when they noticed the city's top police officer on the wrong side of the prison bars.

But fear not Co Superintendent Rowan Bond and several other well-known loc-als weren't locked up for running foul of the law, they were there for the PCYC's Time 4 Kids fundraiser.

PCYC branch manager Sergeant Robert Smith said the six participating C[pounds sterling]prisonersC[yen] were locked up in a makeshift jail for about 45 minutes each until they could raise $500 bail.

C[pounds sterling]We've raised just over $4500,C[yen] he said.

Sgt Smith said the community was very generous with passers-by chipping in cash and having a good laugh at the expense of the prisoners.

C[pounds sterling]We couldn't lock up (Jack Dempsey) the police minister, but he did turn out and help bail out his super,C[yen] Sgt Smith said.

C[pounds sterling]It was really good.

C[pounds sterling]One of the shops even came out and gave the prisoners water.C[yen]

Supt Bond said he had plenty of fun in the lock-up. …