Exactly Where and How Hard Budget Plans Would Hit Borough

Article excerpt

WELLBEING, CARE AND LEARNING | Commission out some of the support services to schools that we currently provide directly, based upon school-led priorities for improvement, (which will save PS225,000).

| Merge the Children Centres and Youth Support Services Teams (PS500,000).

| Reduce support costs for the Children's Safeguarding Service (PS53,000).

| Reduce the operating costs of the School Meals and Catering Service (PS50,000).

| Streamline welfare rights services and develop partnerships with other financial advice services (PS25,000).

| Reduce the management costs of the Mental Health Service (PS60,000).

| Reduce the number of Older Persons' Day Care Centres from three to one (PS140,000).

| Reduce staffing in Learning Disabilities Day Services as people choose to use their personal budgets for other activities (PS50,000).

| Commission out the Learning Disability Community Support services (PS40,000).

| Cut the use of agency and bank staff in the Supervised Contact Service for Looked after Children (PS10,000).

| End school clothing grants (PS13,000). | Reduce travel costs for social workers (PS15,000). | Reduce the costs of Workforce Development in Adult Social Care (PS90,000).

| Create a single commissioning unit to cut the cost of purchasing care (PS75,000).

| Reduce Family Placement Panel meetings, from weekly to bi-weekly (PS13,000).

| Consolidate Children's Services Information Technology systems removing the need for two software packages (PS9,000).

| Recharge neighbouring authorities for some family support services in Gleneagles (PS10,000).

| Introduce a charge to the Health Service for care management of people with an identified health need (PS50,000).

| Increase the residential care charge clients pay by an amount equal to pension increases (PS22,000).

| Provide more beds in local Children's Homes to reduce the number of out of area placements PS226,0000).

| Create a single point of contact for Adult and Children's Social Care services (PS40,000).

| Create a shared Tees Valley service for public health (PS60,000).

| Increase the rates of awards for continuing health care, which will save (PS100,000).

| Renegotiate the costs and provision of Learning Disability day services at Upsall Hall (PS101,000).

| Transfer the charge for managing direct payment allowances from the council to those receiving direct payments (PS120,000). | Reduce the level of support to failed Asylum Seekers (PS30,000).

| Close Sunningdale Mental Health Residential Home and buy beds from the private sector (PS125,000).

| Reduce the costs of high cost residential care placements for adults (PS180,000).

| Reduce residential care costs through a more effective use of the Intermediate Care Centre (PS20,000).

| Increase in-house fostering and reduce placement fees for looked after children (PS340,000).

| Cut the level and cost of residential placements for looked after children (PS570,000).

| End employment support advice to those receiving social care and redirect individuals to other external employment support advisors (PS50,000).

| Stop using external agencies to research Adult Social Care service options (PS15,000).

| Reduce services that help people in their homes such as housing wardens and carelink services (PS200,000).

| Secure alternative funding to transport children with special needs to the Cleveland Unit (PS58,000).

| End providing transport to school due to a temporary disability on medical grounds (PS5,000).

| Cease providing the Teen Mover pass for half fares on bus services (PS119,000).

| Provide transport support for foster care children, currently by taxi, through alternative means (PS35,000). …