Alert on Use of Student Data; Peak Parent Body Seeks Controls on Net Providers Mining Info for Commercial Use

Article excerpt

APN Newsdesk

PARENTS are being urged to seek guarantees from their schools that studentsCO digital footprints are not being used by internet firms to develop targeted advertising.

ACSSO, AustraliaCOs peak national parent body, has launched a petition calling on schools and political leaders to provide greater privacy protection for students.

It comes as a new parent survey on data mining by cloud providers, to be released by ACSSO in Sydney today, uncovered widespread concern about threats to studentsCO privacy.

More than 90% of the 1000 parents surveyed objected to the online tracking of children in schools for marketing purposes, while four in five wanted an immediate ban on the practice of data mining to protect childrenCOs privacy.

While ACSSO supports the use of external cloud providers that offer efficient services to schools, such as flexible student and teacher email platforms and new education apps, it is concerned by recent media reports suggesting students are at risk of having personal details, emails and schoolwork mined for commercial purposes by cloud providers.

ACSSO president Peter Garrigan said data mining posed a C[pounds sterling]real threat to studentsCO privacy for the rest of their livesC[yen]. …