Living Large on the Art Canvas

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Byline: Leah White

Ethos art

What: Eyes Wide Open Exhibition

Where: Lone Goat Gallery, Byron Bay Library

When: Now until February 5.

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THERE'S more to Noel Hart's artworks than meets the eye.

The artworks, on display at the Lone Goat Gallery in Byron Bay as part of the Eyes Wide Open exhibition, are embedded with a strong message of conservation and biodiversity preservation.

With a strong background in contemporary and abstract art, and a personal interest in primitive art, Mr Hart's works are a unique combination of the very new and the very old.

"I've been interested in having a logic behind what I make, having a reason," Mr Hart said.

"With cave art in Australia, the images where you see kangaroos and barramundi and things like that, it often has to do with increase.

"I'm a firm conservationist and I thought I would apply the idea of increase in a contemporary sense to my work. …