U of Tulsa Uses Federal Funds to Expand Its Security Research

Article excerpt

The University of Tulsa is expanding its security research department.

TU's Institute for Information Security, known as iSec, will receive $2.5 million from a National Defense Authorization Act and Defense Appropriations Act appropriation.

"We anticipate creating a new center for software testing for information security," said John Hale, director of iSec. "Information security is something that has become a staple."

The center may create an educational pathway for law enforcement, government employees and the military, he said. The facility will provide training opportunities for security education.

"Creating a facility will help them in their quest to field systems to check their security," said Hale.

The institute is housed at Keplinger Hall on the TU campus. Hale said the funding allows them to enhance and add on to their current facilities. One of the new projects in the works is a critical infrastructure protection laboratory.

Hale said the institute is evaluating bringing security training education online. They are looking into providing the training remotely to aircraft carriers, he said.

Created in 1996, the Center for Information Security has attracted more than $23 million in research grants and other funds since 2000.

TU officially launched iSec in 2007 to broaden research in the areas of digital forensics, critical infrastructure protection and enterprise security.

One active area is for the nation's critical infrastructure. …