U.S. Supreme Court Makes Decisions in 30 of 79 Cases

Article excerpt

The folks at SCOTUSblog have issued their first statistical look at the U.S. Supreme Court term that began in October.

At the conclusion of the justices' February sitting, the court had decided 30 of 79 consolidated cases scheduled for argument.

Once again, the ever-bustling 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, based in California, took up the largest slice of the high court's time, accounting for 20.3 percent of the docket compared with 14 percent last term. The justices have reversed decisions of the nation's largest circuit court in six of the seven 9th Circuit cases thus far, or about 85.7 percent.

The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which includes Oklahoma, has had two cases decided, both reversed. About 2.5 percent of the Supreme Court's workload came out of 10th Circuit cases, according to SCOTUSblog.

When it comes to decisions from state courts, the justices have reversed 60 percent of the cases they have decided thus far, compared with 75 percent reported in March of last term.

This session, overall the justices have thus far affirmed lower- court decisions 20 percent of the time, reversing 70 percent and affirming in part 3. …