Tulsa-Based Flintco Cos. Opens Native American Division

Article excerpt

On Thursday, the Flintco Cos. will unveil its new Native American Division, tracking laws and cultures of more than 500 recognized tribes across the U.S.

By improving Flintco's sensitivity to tribal nuances from contract negotiations to sacred holidays, this division will strengthen the Tulsa construction contractor's relationships with about 30 percent of its customer base, said Rex Woods, senior vice president of the eight-person division.

The new operation provides a resource for managing different needs within Flintco's 1,000-member work force, more than half drawn from tribes across the nation.

"Every tribal entity has its own customs, its own regulations," said Woods. "This division honors and respects those governing laws and cultural issues.

"We are going to work with the tribes, discover what they are all about," he said. "And we will mold ourselves to them, providing services based on their tribal regulations and needs."

At 4 p.m. Thursday, Flintco will celebrate the grand opening of the new division with two hours of food and entertainment in the 5,600-square-foot offices, remodeled from a former warehouse at 1625 W. 21st St.

Designed by Matrix Architects to employ a variety of recycled and sustainable materials, the office incorporates organic colors, textures and styles emphasizing Flintco's environmentally friendly operations and Cherokee heritage.

Woods said the facility has corridors decorated with a variety of tribal artworks collected by company officials and portraits of Flintco projects. The facility provides many empty offices for visiting officials to work in.

The idea for the division came from a management meeting 18 months ago, said Dana Birkes, Flintco's corporate vice president of business development and marketing.

Led by President Ron Petty, the Native American Division provides a single point of contract for Indian Country leaders to work with Flintco, which annually handles 200 to 250 projects companywide. …