Carl Levin Calls Romney's Defense Budget Criticism "Just a Political Statement"

Article excerpt

The chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee and senior Senator from Michigan said even with reduced funding, US military has "shown our capabilities, shown our adeptness."

Michigan Senator Carl Levin, a Democrat, is chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee and of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. He was the guest speaker at the Jan. 26 Monitor breakfast in Washington.

Mitt Romney's charge that President Obama plans to cut Pentagon spending beyond what would allow the US "to remain the hope of the Earth."

"It is just a political statement ... not borne out by the facts. Our military is incredibly strong ... no other military ... comes close. We have shown our capabilities, our adeptness, our ability to move quickly [recently] in Somalia, [and] before that with [Osama] bin Laden."

Possibility of base closings as the Pentagon plans to cut $487 billion in spending over a decade:

"Before I believe there is any realistic possibility of looking at domestic bases for reductions, there have got to be some significant reductions [abroad], particularly in Europe - not in the Middle East, not in the Pacific. …