Perfect Connections Bringing a Spiritual Perspective to Daily Life

Article excerpt

Our lives are full of important connections. Whether it's the wires through which electricity flows, or the chemistry of interpersonal relations, you'd probably say that when things go smoothly, connections are a good thing. Then again, when things aren't right, you may be tempted to view life as a series of disconnects.

In the realm of the material, what crisply links up one day may corrode, erode, snap, or tear apart the next. We may even get to a point where we feel insecure just because things might let us down later.

But a new way of looking at connections takes away this sense of their fragility. It is the spiritual view of all true activity as centered in God. Spiritually speaking, everything that has being is connected solely to the creator, and expresses God. In God, all is perfect and integral. Electricity seems to come into a home or business from an external energy source; it runs along wires connecting this distant source to an object, such as a lamp or computer. But this apparently entirely material process can point to something higher. Spiritually viewed, the source of all energy is the divine Spirit. This supreme source of energy needs no connections to bridge any gulf of separation. Spirit is omnipresent, everywhere. The real source of energy for all creation is God, and the outpouring of divine energy is totally harmless, useful, and utterly dependable. Knowing this spiritual fact can help! At one crucial time, prayer helped me grasp this truth of energy as spiritual. And the immediate result of this understanding was the reconnection of wiring on some sound equipment that two engineers had previously failed to fix for an increasingly irate client. Understanding connectedness in a more spiritual way is also helpful when human relationships are strained. We may find our hearts broken, or feel the void of no genuine connectedness to family, friends, or neighbors. Spiritually viewed, however, the one relationship everyone truly has is with divine Love, a universal source of affection that is unwavering. …