Godfrey Nursing Home Fined for Violations

Article excerpt

The Illinois Department Of Public Health is accusing the convalescent center of failing to notify the residents' physicians of changes in their conditions.

A Godfrey nursing home failed to notify the doctor of a 93-year-old resident that the woman's condition was worsening for three days, until just hours before she died, Illinois officials allege.

The Illinois Department of Public Health has fined D'Adrian Convalescent Center of Godfrey $10,000 and placed its license on conditional status for that and three other alleged instances last year of failure to notify residents' physicians of changes in their conditions. The nursing home, at 1373 D'Adrian Professional Drive, is challenging the sanction. According to state records, the nursing home staff in September documented worsening conditions in the 93-year-old woman for three days - including abdominal pain, fever, inability to swallow, dark urine and breathing problems - before calling her doctor. The woman was then transferred to a hospital, where she died 4 1/2 hours later. State regulations for nursing homes mandate that the staffs keep residents' physicians apprised of any problems. …