Hitachi Expects Norman Plant to Add $23 Million to Disk Sales

Article excerpt

Production of large scale disk drives by the newly formed Hitachi Computers Products (America) Inc. to be based in Norman is expected to add $23 million to current sales of $390 million worth of Hitachi disk drives already manufactured worldwide, according to Toshiaki Taniguchi, manager of manufacturing for Odawara Works, Hitachi Ltd. of Japan.

The proposed 65,000-square-foot plant, scheduled for completion in April 1987, will be the final stage in production of two versions of 14-inch, ridged large scale disk storage units.

Hitachi will initially manufacture 100 units per month with a crew of 100 employees at the Norman plant. Production is expected to be labor intensive with plans to include more automation in later stages of operations, Taniguchi said.

Materials for the unit cabinets and peripherals will be purchased in the United States. Ultimately 50 percent of all materials used to manufacture the disk drive storage units will be purchased locally, Taniguchi said.

The product's electronic components will continue to be manufactured at the Odawara Works division of Hitachi, he said.

The storage units are designed to be compatible with Hitachi's central processing unit and IBM 3380 mainframe systems. National Advance Systems of Mountain View, Calif. is the distributor of Hitachi mainframe systems and disk drives. Taniguchi said Hitachi anticipates making an agreement with at least one additional distributor in the United States. …