Nixon Vetoes Bills on Jobless Benefits; Legislation on Workers' Compensation and Foreign Ownership of Farms Also Are Rejected by Governor

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JEFFERSON CITY * Gov. Jay Nixon has vetoed bills that could have made it harder for some people to receive jobless benefits by broadening what constitutes "misconduct" on the job.

The governor also vetoed measures that would have created a database of workers' compensation claims and that would have allowed limited foreign ownership of farmland in the state.

The governor said the jobless bills would have greatly expanded the types of misconduct that disqualify people for jobless benefits to include activities outside the workplace and outside normal working hours.

Proponents of the legislation said the broader definition would help protect the integrity of the state's unemployment system.

Nixon pointed to privacy concerns Tuesday in vetoing an online database that businesses could use to check a prospective employee's workers' compensation claims.

Nixon said in a message explaining the veto that such a database is "an affront to the privacy of our citizens and does not receive my approval." The Democratic governor added in a written statement that there is a "stark contrast" between lawmakers' action and statements on privacy issues, alluding to the recent dispute between the Republican-led Legislature and his administration over the practice of making electronic copies of birth certificates and other personal documents from people applying for drivers licenses. …