Former Dispatchers Settle Suits against Delaware County ; the Two Women Had Complained of Sexual Harassment and Retaliation; They Received $86,500 and $31,000

Article excerpt

JAY - Two former Delaware County dispatchers have settled their federal civil rights lawsuits against the county and the Delaware County E911 Trust Authority, a county commissioner said Tuesday.

Shelby Haggard, a former 911 dispatch supervisor, and Joey Lambert, a former 911 dispatcher, filed lawsuits in May 2009 against the Delaware County commissioners and the Delaware County E911 Trust Authority alleging sexual harassment and retaliation, according to court records.

Haggard's lawsuit was settled for $86,500 and Lambert's for $31,000, said Doug Smith, commissioner chairman.

"I'm angry for the amount of time the settlement dragged out," Lambert said. "I have been struggling with this since 2006. The reason I settled is because I want my life back."

Haggard declined to comment on her settlement.

The settlements were announced at Tuesday's County Commission meeting. The women were not present during the meeting.

None of the current county commissioners was in office at the time the allegations were lodged.

Smith declined to discuss the specifics of the lawsuits, saying the negotiations and settlements were confidential. …