Senate Panel Kills Bill about Product Liability/bill Set for Interim Studay

Article excerpt

A bill designedto set definitions on product liability and provisions through which product liability suits could be filed against manufacturers and product sellers was killed in the Senate Judiciary and Retirement Committee Wednesday for this legislative session.

However, House Bill 1227, authored by Rep. Jim Henshaw and Sen. Charles Ford, both Republicans from Tulsa, is destined for an interim study.

Julius Kubier, lobbyist for the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said he was "very upset" the measure was not passed out of comittee because it means continued difficulty for companies to obtain product liability insurance.

Henshaw and Ford told the committee the bill would codify existing case law in the state law regarding product liability.

However, several committee members who are lawyers said they did not agree with that statement, and later in the meeting Henshaw said the bill evolved from reports from the American Legislative Exchange Council on product liability laws now in effect in 24 other states.

Basically, the measure sought to establish grounds for which a product liability suit could be brought against a manufacturer or product seller, such as:

- The product being unsafe in design or construction.

- The product being unsafe because the manufacturer failed to provide adequate warnings about possible danger connected with the product. …