Transfer of At&t Equipment Production Almost Completed / to City Plant

Article excerpt

The transfer of production of new telephone switching equipment from North Carolina to Oklahoma City has been nearly completed by AT&T Technologies Inc., company spokesman Ed Beltram said Wednesday.

First production of the subscriber loop carrier came off the assembly line April 28, he said.

"We are proceeding with our staffing requirements," he said. "We have received a list of 199 names of North Carolina employees who wish to transfer.

"However, we are approaching the deadline when management and engineering personnel must decide whether they also want to transfer.

"We are anticipating an engineer shortfall after the transfer is complete and this week we hired 26 new engineering graduates and may (hire) that many again within the next few weeks."

All but two of those recent graduates came from Oklahoma colleges, he said. Ten are from Oklahoma State University, 11 from Oklahoma University and three are from Tulsa University.

It was not known Wednesday if recently laid off employees would be recalled because of the new production, Beltram said.

"It depends upon demand for our other products," he said. "We are moving ahead with cost reductions and may be able to free some people up from the 5EES and computer work for some of the slick jobs coming in. …