District Attorneys Seek Reforms

Article excerpt

Members of the Oklahoma District Attorney Association have called for major reforms of the Oklahoma criminal justice system.

Prosecutors from around the state met in Oklahoma City and developed specific proposals to make justice swift, certain and kinder to the victims of crime.

Four of the reforms are: Make the preliminary hearings short and simple. Make pretrial discovery in criminal cases fair and evenhanded. Make chronologically young criminals accountable for crimes. Move juvenile justice out of the welfare department. . . Gretchen A. Harris, an attorney with the Oklahoma City law firm Andrews Davis Legg Bixler Milsten Price, spoke on a panel addressing freedom of information and openness laws at the Second Annual Freedom of Information Oklahoma Convention. She appeared on the panel interpreting openness laws such as the Open Meeting Act and Open Records Act with attorneys Diane Pedicord, Michael Minnis and William Bleakley. . . Juan A. Morales, president of Language Associates, 2700 NW 49th St., has been certified as an elite federal court interpreter. There are only 558 persons nationwide with the certification, said Morales, who founded Language Associates in 1979. …