Syntroleum Seeks Certification of New Synthetic Fuels for Diesels

Article excerpt

TULSA (JR) -- Syntroleum Corp. announced Tuesday that it has retained Southwest Research Institute to test a new family of synthetic fuels being developed by the Tulsa-based company for use in diesel engines.

These tests follow successful preliminary research conducted by Syntroleum and the University of Kansas and will form the basis of the company's application for certification of the fuels under the Energy Policy Act (EPACT) of 1992. The goal of the program is to produce synthetic diesel fuels that meet the most stringent U.S. environmental regulations and that qualify as alternative fuels under EPACT.

All licensees of the Syntroleum gas-to-liquids process will have the right to manufacture the new fuels under their existing license agreements. Syntroleum also announced that it has entered into a separate agreement with the University of Kansas Center for Research (CRINC) to conduct further tests on Fischer-Tropsch (F-T) fuels in combustion ignition (diesel) engines. The agreement, which was signed Sept. 15, follows a cooperative fuels testing and development effort that began in the summer of 1997. …