Governors Recommend Energy Policy

Article excerpt

A panel of the nation's governors recommended Monday an energy policy including expanded domestic production emphasizing state and local partnerships with the federal government.

Adopted by the Natural Resources Committee of the National Governors' Association, which Gov. Frank Keating vice chairs, the policy is scheduled to be considered by the full NGA today at its annual meeting in Providence, R.I.

"It is imperative for the nation's governors to be heard as a much-needed national energy policy is developed," said Keating. "The United States' dependence on foreign sources of oil is at an all- time high while demand for energy also continued to rise."

The proposed energy policy calls for:

* Promotion of new domestic production of oil through exploration and development of additional petroleum reserves and refining capacity.

* Promotion of enhanced oil-recovery techniques.

* Reduction of impediments that limit production of natural gas.

* Increased production of domestic energy in an environmentally sound manner. …