Government Launched Website Addressing Territorial Issues

Article excerpt

The government has launched a website on which it offers comprehensive information about Japan's territories, including the Senkaku Islands in Okinawa Prefecture and the Takeshima islets in Shimane Prefecture.

The website covers the grounds on which the nation claims its sovereignty over these territories in light of international law, as well as efforts made by government organs to protect the territories.

The government also plans to launch an English-language version of the website next month, aiming to strengthen its capacity to communicate with the rest of the world in an effort not to lose out to China and South Korea in terms of public relations strategies, according to sources.

Some government organs have made efforts individually to transmit information on the nation's territories and sovereign rights. The Foreign Ministry, for example, explains its stances on the territorial issues on its website. But the newly launched website is the first of its kind in that information on the government's handling of its territorial issues, including those on the northern territories, is compiled in a comprehensive manner. …