March for Educational Standards

Article excerpt


Your editorial criticizinga peace march by Bannockburn Elementary School students ("Marching Munchkins," Friday) decries the politicizing ofeducational standards. Perhaps you should be more worried about the politicization of your own journalistic standards. In short, your editorial writer got a lot of things wrong, and it's not a stretch to say your mistakes were driven by your own ideological bias.

On a global level, you say "all the world, it seems" supports the president's war; that's dubious,unproven and likely inaccurate. You also say Iraqis are "dancing in the streets, hugging every GI they can get their arms around in thanks for their liberation" again a distortion, one that overlooks the Yugoslavian-style ethnic tensions already emerging in Iraq. Assuming most press reports are accurate, it's not dancing, but looting, that has many Iraqis in the streets.

Your take on the children is equally inaccurate. It's a nice journalistic trick to suggest that "nostalgic former hippies" choreographed thepeace march,but if you bothered to do any serious reporting,you would find that the children indeed initiated and organized the march. …