Conference On: The Use of Composite Indexes in Regional Economic Analysis Philadelphia, PA, September 4-5, 2003. (Announcement and Call for Papers)

Article excerpt

Sponsored by the Research Department, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia in association with the Review of Economics and Statistics

Conference Organization

The conference program will include eight to 12 papers with formal discussants for each paper. The best papers from the conference will be selected for review by the editor of the Review of Economics and Statistics. The papers will undergo the journal's regular reviewing process, and those papers that meet the criteria for acceptance by the Review will be published as a series in the journal.

Conference Topic

Composite indexes of economic activity (coincident and leading indicators) are part of the regular monthly statistics published on the national economy. As part of an NBER research project on cyclical indicators, James Stock and Mark Watson developed alternative coincident and leading indicators for the U.S. economy in the late 1980s. Over the past decade the Stock/Watson methodology has been applied to state data to develop composite indexes at the regional level. A set of consistent indexes for the 50 states has recently been made available on the web at econ/stateindexes.

The theme of this conference is the use of state and regional indexes in regional economic analysis. …