Morning View: Take a Break - and Do Us All a Good Turn

Article excerpt

THIS Easter weekend, one valiant section of our resilient community made the best of the weather, in spite of major difficulties. The tourism operators have had the roughest environment of all for a generation. Even after the ceasefires promised - and to an extent delivered - a bright new future for this vital trade, the upsurge in negative imagery, notably around Drumcree, set them back sharply.

Then, as Drumcree seemed to settle down somewhat, the September 2001 events in the United States dealt another cruel blow in terms of a marked drop in the number of American people travelling outside their own country.

There are some things, like the weather, about which little may be done. But where there are things that can be done, many in our tourism business have done their best to do them, even when they appeared impossible or a waste of time. They may even be able to persuade Americans that it is at least as safe for them to travel here as it is for us to travel to New York or Florida.

But if our hoteliers and facilities' operators are to be able to keep a smiling welcoming face on Northern Ireland in spite of all the difficulties, the least they need is unstinting support and assistance from the authorities.

The cancellation of public transport to the north east of the Province was a disgrace. To say that is not to dump all responsibility on Translink, which no doubt had well-costed reasons for such a decision, although the notice given might be questioned. …