ECHO Readers Have Been Given the Chance to Quiz the Four Main Party Leaders Ahead of Next Week's National Assembly Elections. Today It's the Turn of Liberal Democrat Assembly Leader Michael German

Article excerpt

# Q. Your coalition with Labour showed the Lib Dems up as a bunch of political opportunists. Why should anyone vote for a party that'll do or say anything to get into power?

A. We didn't say or do just anything. We insisted on the recruitment of more doctors and nurses and other clinical professionals in the NHS, re-appraisal of student finance - leading to the re-introduction of the student grant - and the reintroduction of free school milk.

We would do the same again - seek agreement to a joint programme based on policy - if no party is elected with a majority of popular support.

# Q. Why should a man who's never won an election deserve to be Deputy First Minister?

A. He shouldn't! (You can't be talking about me - I was elected top of the regional top-up list in South Wales East as part of the fairer voting system).

You could just as well ask why Labour should have the First Minister if Labour doesn't succeed in winning a majority of the votes across Wales.

# Q. How can you work with Labour in government in Scotland and Wales while claim to be in opposition to them at Westminster?

A. Because, in Scotland, Labour agreed to Liberal Democrat policies such as the abolition of up-front tuition fees and the introduction of free personal care for the elderly. …