Take a Child Psychology Test

Article excerpt

Baby Magazine columnist Marita Villafuerte, includes a simple test in her article in the current issue of the ultimate guide for new parents, on understanding children.

Her column title ?Child Psychology 101? asks:

Do you think you can put up with the following, the whole day, everyday for 3 to 6 years:

l Stare at wild vivid colors

l Look at things that are distorted from the truth

l Listen to blaring non-sensical music

l Handle lightweight plastics that frequently jump out of your hands

l Use furniture, three times your size

l Lift objects, two to three times your size.

Villafuerte says if your answer is ?no? then you are a normal adult. But she asks, ?If you cannot tolerate such an environment, why do you allow your previous bundle of life to live in such a place??

The entrepreneur turned educator talks about looking at things from the point of view of your child and therefore helping you understand them and care for them better. And help you make the child?s environment more attuned to his needs.

Clinical psychologist Teresa G. Villasor provides another insight on young minds when she talks about the middle children who ? …