M2: BOOKS: Wallace Reels in Angling Trickster; ANDY COLEMAN Reviews Some of the Latest Graphic Novels to Hit the Bookshelves This Spring

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Wallace & Gromit - Catch Of The Day (pounds 8.99)

A HANDSOME hardback with large colourful pictures by Jimmy Hansen and the expected convoluted plot, penned by Ian Rimmer.

The duo's adventures begin when the local chip shop closes, prompting Wallace to enter a fishing contest to catch his supper.

But is there skulduggery afoot when champion angler Albert Plunger triumphs for the 11th year running?

Of course there is - and it's down to W & G to right the wrongs. Fans of the films will not be disappointed with the fast-paced story and inventive plotline.

London's Dark (pounds 6.99)A timely re-release for this charming love story set in war-torn London in 1940.

Air raid warden Jack Brookes falls for the mysterious Sophie Heath, a clairvoyant who has made contact with the spirit of a murdered man.

Violence follows but the murder mystery and supernatural element is secondary to the romance of Jack's wooing of Sophie who reveals strange secrets of her past.

James Robinson's script is crisp while Paul Johnson's black and white filmic pictures capture perfectly the atmosphere of the period.

Starman - Sins of the Father (pounds 12.99)/ Night and Day(pounds 16.99)/ A Wicked Inclination (pounds 14.99)

Writer James Robinson and artists Tony Harris and Wade Von Grawbadger have resurrected the Golden Age superhero, legendary protector of Opal City, for a 21st century audience. …