Considering Style and Influence: We All Spend Time in Different Types of Human-Built Structures in Our Daily Lives. Architects Have Designed These Buildings throughout History for Our Use. Architecture in Many Places Worldwide Has Stood through Time, and Can Be Seen as a Reflection of the Culture in Which It Was Created. Let's Try to Find Some of These Structures on the Internet and See What Can Be Learned from Them. (Cyber Search)

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1. The ancient city of Petra in modern-day Jordan can be explored online:

What types of buildings did you find at Petra? Who do you think built them, and how were they used? How would you describe the style of Petra? What would it have been like to live in ancient times? What did you learn about the history of the location?

2. People have gathered at the Roman Colosseum throughout history. See what it looks like today:

What was the original function of this structure?

How has it been used throughout history? Does the Colosseum look different now compared to when it was created? What shapes were used in designing it? Can you think of any modern structures that could have been influenced by the Colosseum?

3. In Mexico, the Temple of the Inscriptions was discovered by new cultures, revealing information about previous Mayan civilizations.

Can you describe the natural landscape surrounding the area? What does the human-built structure look like? How would you describe the shapes of the temple? Which materials were used to build it? What does the temple show about the Mayan culture?

4. Although not everyone has had the opportunity to visit, many people have heard about India's Taj Mahal. …