Surf's Up! during Your Summer Break, Enjoy Surfing These Inspiring Art-Related Websites. (Website Showcase)

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American Ceramic Supply

We have been specializing in servicing schools and institutions with ceramic supplies in the Southwest for over twenty-seven years. Full-line catalog designed for art educators. E-mail: or call us at (817) 536-7120. Ask for Pat or Connie.

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Art Instruction Schools

Do You Like to Draw? Art Instruction Schools has been asking this question since our home-study art school began in 1914. Many successful--and even famous--artists have started their careers by drawing one of our famous "Draw Me" heads. Our website even offers a scholarship contest for aspiring, motivated young artists. Nationally accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council.

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Art to Remember

Art to Remember has developed a unique program that encourages your students' artistic creativity while providing you with an opportunity to raise funds for school projects. From T-shirts to mouse pads, ATR quality items make creative gifts and keepsakes for friends and family, (800) 895-8777.

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A website dedicated to art and art education. A calendar of opportunities to enter into competitions and juried exhibitions, including those open to children. Profiles of art societies including galleries of art. Profiles of art programs for students from around the world. Fun stories, games, and projects for young people. All free at

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Axner Pottery

Axner brings Clay Art into your classroom with best quality and pricing of clay, materials, glazes, tools, books, and equipment. Create, sculpt, and fire-up your kids with Axner. Call for our catalog (800) 843-7057 or join us at

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Bailey Ceramic Supply

Our new catalog is packed with great products and loads of information. We have greatly expanded our selections of wheels, kilns, mixers, pugmills, books, tools, glazes, videos, and other studio equipment. As always, we cater to potters and schools who look for the most diverse selections of pottery products. Get your free copy today! E-mail: or visit our website at

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With our recently expanded product line, Best-Test products are the overwhelming choice of professional artists, hobbyists, and art teachers alike. We are also quoted for school bids. Visit us on the web for more information or to purchase any of our products.

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Chavant Inc., founded in 1892, manufactures 18 different formulas of non-drying, wax-based modeling clays. Chavant clay products are used by sculptors, instructors, product designers, and special-effects artists. Quality, consistency, variety, and technical service are considered the best that the industry has to offer.

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Dick Blick

Blick's entire selection of art supplies for the classroom, home, and studio is available here! Get free lesson plans for multicultural art projects and other helpful ideas. We've lowered prices and shipping in 2003 and most orders over $200 ship free!

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