Park Booklet to Be Printed in English, Spanish

Article excerpt

Byline: Sue Ter Maat Daily Herald Staff Writer

In a bid to attract Hispanic residents, the Hanover Park Park District next month will begin printing its seasonal brochures in English and Spanish, park district officials said this week.

The district is currently negotiating with Reflejos, a Spanish/English publication owned by the Daily Herald, to translate and to print the brochure in two languages, said Mike Benard, park recreation superintendent.

The Arlington Heights-based company will print a 36- to 40- page summer brochure in a newspaper tabloid format. The brochure is scheduled for a mass mailing by May 12, Benard said.

Each page will be printed half in English and, on the same page in the next column, the information will be translated into Spanish, said Jerry Campagna, president of Reflejos.

Last year, the park district budgeted $50,000 for its five brochures. This year, the district estimates the production of the new publications will cost about 25 percent less, Benard said.

"We are breaking new ground here and for some change is difficult," Benard said. "We have a population to serve here that's both Latino and Anglo," Benard said.

The new brochure format is one of the latest attempts by the district to bring in more patrons by engaging the largely untapped Hispanic community.

The Hispanic community has grown from about 11 percent of the village in 1990 to more than 35 percent in 2000.

The park district board this week installed its first Hispanic commissioner, Miguel Fuentez, who replaced a board member who had resigned.

Many commissioners had said they wanted to reach out to Hanover Park's Hispanic community, and some saw Fuentez as a conduit to reach that goal, said park Commissioner Charles Morrison. …