ASSEMBLY ELECTION 2003: No Skiing, but Some Skating on Thin Ice

Article excerpt

Byline: Catherine Davies

WATER skiing is not, by his own admission, something Nick Bourne spent the election day doing.

After issuing a final rallying call to voters, claiming to be the only party able to end Labour's ``wasteful agenda'', Mr Bourne in fact spent much of the day visiting committee rooms and polling stations in Brecon and Radnorshire.

Considering that he lives in Aberystwyth, and assuming that he hadn't opted to take Rhodri Morgan's advice to not turn out, Mr Bourne had probably voted by post, allowing him the few extra ``zeds'' he needed to embark on such a long day.

Ieuan Wyn Jones took the giant leap to the polling station with his wife at 11am. The rather public event took place in Cyngar Church Hall in Llangefni, before Mr Jones set off on his canvassing tour of polling stations.

Mike German was one who chose to have the extra sleep. Or perhaps voting by post simply gave him time to paint more ``Second Vote'' posters in preparation for his tour of South Wales East.

He and Ed Townsend, the region's Lib-Dem number two, spent the day on the ground, making the most of those last important hours of campaigning.

The leaders and their spokespeople were decidedly coy on what the election results would bring, particularly towards the later stages of the day.

Speaking on the job, Mr Bourne said they had been working hard and ``would continue to work hard until 10 o' clock'', refraining from committing to an opinion. He made a point of saying that he had not been water-skiing.

Phil Dixon, special adviser to Mr Jones, said that it was difficult to call, but that they were hoping for the best, with Mr Jones ``aware that his message struck a chord with voters on the doorstep''. …