`Weakest Link' Host Snaps

Article excerpt

THE President of the Oxford Union claimed yesterday that Anne Robinson refused to host a charity version of The Weakest Link after discovering he was the grandson of a judge who denied her custody of her daughter. Ambrose Faulks, 21, admitted that when he asked the star to host the event at the prestigious university debating society, it was ``not a good idea'' to tell her about his grandfather, the late Sir Neville Faulks.

In her autobiography, Ms Robinson singled out the judge for criticism for awarding custody of her then two-year-old daughter Emma to her husband at a 1973 court hearing.

But Mr Faulks, a cousin of Birdsong author Sebastian Faulks, criticised the ``Queen of Mean'' for turning down the invitation and describing him as full of ``poise and conceit'' in a newspaper article.

``I was a little taken aback by what she said. There was a large element of her bearing a grudge against my grandfather through me,'' he said.

The third-year chemistry student wrote to Ms Robinson in March asking if she would stage a Rag Week version of The Weakest Link at the Union. …