Letter: Welcome the Refugees

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# SIR - Re the UK being overtaken by refugees, I am writing in connection with D Tudor Greaves of Porthcawl's letter. I would just like to inform him and others of the same views of a few additional facts.

Firstly, not only do we not choose to be born, we don't choose where we are born. Hence we are born in a very prosperous country, Wales, compared with elsewhere in the world.

Others are born with no such advantage. They have no real life at all. They literally live in a gutter or on rubbish tips, they never see a movie, live in a house, ride in a car, eat a wholesome meal, see a doctor, go toschool, read a book or a newspaper or own more than the clothes they walk around in. Most of us spend more on a week's shopping than they spend on everything in a year.

At the moment we give a pitiful level of economic investment to these developing nations. …