Football: Lennie's Fury Sky-High as Play-Off Semi-Finals Face Switch for TV

Article excerpt

Byline: Mario Risoli

LENNIE LAWRENCE last night expressed his fury at Sky TV over the Second Division play-off semi-finals.

The Cardiff City boss doesn't know the days on which the play-off matches will be played - even though the end of season shoot-out is barely a week away.

The first legs of the semi-finals - involving City, Oldham, Bristol City and Queens Park Rangers - were originally arranged for Sunday, May 11 with the second legs on Wednesday, May 14.

But Lawrence is almost certain the first legs will now be played on Saturday, May 10, so Sky can screen one of the second legs live the following Tuesday.

The furious Bluebirds manager branded the uncertainty surrounding the play-off dates as a ``disgrace''.

He said, ``It's not cast in stone that we are playing on Sunday and Wednesday as was originally decided.

``I need to know when we're playing so I can organise training. For instance, if we're playing on Saturday then we'll have to train the following Monday.'' The 55-year-old wants to know when his side are playing by the end of this afternoon.

``I want the Football League to let me know, in writing, at the close of business on Friday what the dates are,'' he said.

``When I drive out of Crewe I want to know who I'm playing and when I'm playing.

``In my heart I don't think we'll be playing on the original dates - but I want to know in writing. The information we're getting at this club tells us that the matches will be played on Saturday and Tuesday. …