Free Heroin or an End to Goldfish Cruelty? the Choice Is Yours

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Education: Financial support for older teenagers from low income families to continue education.

Reduce class sizes to 20 in maths and English for first two years of secondary school.

Health: Abolish NHS trusts and establish community health partnerships. GP appointments guaranteed within 48 Education: All class sizes in Primary One, Two and Three to be reduced to 18 or less. Abolish graduate endowment tax on students.

Health: Increase nurses' pay by 11 per cent. By 2005, everyone to receive hospital treatment within six months of diagnosis.

Crime: An extra 1,000 police officers on the streets. Create weekend Education: Tories want to give teachers powers to exclude disruptive pupils, promote more specialist schools, abolish graduate tax and guarantee access to education solely on merit.

Health: Allow GPs to manage their budgets and devolve more power to health professionals.

Electronic smartcard for every patient.

Crime: Promote zero tolerance policing with Education: Recruit 3,000 extra teachers, abolish national testing between five and 14, formal teaching to start at six. Oppose university top-up fees.

Health: Recruit 2,000 extra nurses and 3,000 consultants in four years. Free eye and dental checks for all.

Crime: Recruit 3,500 Education: Free school meals for all with free milk and water.

Health: End PFI and all private services in the NHS. Ban alcohol and junk food advertising; set up community supermarkets providing cheap, healthy food.

Crime: Free heroin to Education: Abolish league tables and oppose top-up fees.

Extend community schools and encourage more community participation.

Educate children about sustainable development.

Health: Improve pay and conditions for health workers. Organic food in hospitals. Free, nutritious school meals.

Clean up dirty hospitals.

Crime: Tougher penalties hours; inpatient treatment within six months by 2005.

Recruit and train 11,000 nurses by 2005.

Crime: Tougher laws on knife crime; review parole regulations for short-term prisoners; more police officers.

prisons for thugs and football hooligans.

Environment: By 2010, 25 per cent of energy to be produced from renewable sources. No new nuclear power stations.

greater visible police presence. More secure accommodation places for young offenders.

Force prisoners to serve full sentences. …