Regional Economic Development Center (REDC): An EDA University Center; Addressing Today's Challenges for Tomorrow's Success. (Research Centers at the University of Memphis)

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REDC is the outreach unit for the Graduate Program in City and Regional Planning, which provides applied research assistance for local governments, non-profit organizations, and business entities in Middle and West Tennessee. The service area covers 47 counties and five multi-county planning and development districts. REDC entered its 35th year in 200 1-2002 with a highly experienced core staff and a reputation for excellence throughout Tennessee, the Mid-South region, and the nation.

Founded in 1967, REDC has continuously received recognition from the U.S. Department of Commerce as one of its premier University Centers for economic development assistance. Since its founding, REDC has been awarded over $3.5 million from the Economic Development Administration.

In the spring of 2001, REDC logged its 1,010th project with the preparation of a housing market study for the City of Memphis. Over the years, projects have spanned a wide range of areas from feasibility studies for individual businesses and public organizations to plans for the development of transit facilities in downtown Memphis.

During the 2000-2001 fiscal year, REDC was awarded contracts totaling $260,000. This included:

* $105,000 from EDA

* $20,000 from the City of Memphis

* $65,000 from TACIR

* $4,000 from the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in Memphis

* $10,000 from Jim Wilson and Associates, Inc. in Montgomery, AL; and

* Several contracts for student research totaling almost $55,000.

REDC is a founding member of The National Association of Management and Technical Assistance Centers (NAMTAC) and has won the prestigious "Project of the Year Award" 8 times in the past 15 years. REDC is the officially designated "University Center" in Tennessee for the economic stimulation program of the Economic Development Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce.

An Extensive Range of Services

RED C's mission is to serve as a center for the investigation of issues and challenges facing today's communities and the development of innovative solutions.

The Center is strategically positioned within the Graduate Program in City and Regional Planning to address diverse policy issues, increased demand for information, and technical assistance for improved decision making by its public- and private-sector clients.

Research and technical assistance services are offered in the following areas:

* Economic impact studies

* Economic development strategies

* Housing affordabilty studies

* Industrial development strategies

* Land use and site analysis

* Land use controls and regulations

* Local and regional development

* Market analysis

* Performance measures formulation

* Planning /urban design education

* Population analysis and forecasts

* Program evaluation

* Regional economic analyses

* Strategic plans

* Neighborhood development plans

* Fiscal and financial analysis

Recent REDC Clients

Criner Companies, Inc., Memphis, TN

City of Arlington, TN

Henry County Government City of Bartlett, TN

Jim Wilson and Associates, Inc., Montgomery, AL

City of Hickory Wythe, TN

City of Grand Junction, TN

City of Jackson, TN

Memphis and Shelby County Industrial Development Board

City of Memphis, TN

Memphis Center City Commission City of Millington, TN

Northwest Tennessee Development District Airways Lamar Business Association City of Piperton, TN

Shelby County Government Community Foundation of Greater Memphis

Southwest Tennessee Development District SPLILEDIC Management Corporation City of West Memphis, AR


Gene Pearson, Director

Housing Market Analysis

Planning Law

Strategic Planning

Luchy Burrell, Research Director

Economic and Fiscal Impact Analysis

Population and Economic Base Studies

Market Studies

Steve Redding, Senior Research Associate

Financial Analysis

Economic and Fiscal Impact Analysis

Market Studies/Retail Potential

Sonya Schenk, Research Associate

Housing Market Analysis

Economic and Fiscal Impact Analysis

Geographic Information System

Vickie Peters, Executive Secretary

Affiliated Faculty

Reza Banai, Professor

Site Planning

Urban Design

Land Use/Transportation Connection

Susan Roakes, Associate Professor

Collaborative Planning

Land Use Planning

Land Use Controls

Graduate Research Assistants

Rajnesh Bahtnagar

Susmithat Attota

Ying Huang

Greg Helms

Molly Frey

Contact Information

Regional Economic Development Center Graduate Program in City and Regional Planning The University of Memphis

226 Johnson Hall, Memphis, TN 38152

Phone: (901) 678-2056, Fax: (901) 678-4162

E-mail: lburrell@memphis. …