Robert Wang Center for International Business Education and Research: Fogelman College of Business and Economics. (Research Centers at the University of Memphis)

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Robert Wang Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER)

Designated by the U.S. Department of Education since 1989, the Wang Center offers business executives, academic professionals, and students in the Lower Mississippi Delta Region the opportunity to become culturally conscious and globally competent in our diverse global society. By developing results-oriented programs that foster international competencies among students, faculty, and business professionals, the Wang Center advances the body of knowledge in international business and business teaching. The Wang Center continually responds to emerging needs and growth opportunities while maintaining its focus on each constituent's unique needs. The Wang CIBER encompasses four main activity areas: Curriculum Development, Faculty Development, Research, and Business Outreach. Since its inception, the Wang Center has been directed by Dr. Ben L. Kedia, holder of the Wang Chair of Excellence in International Business at The University of Memphis.

Interested in Pursuing a Degree with an International Component or Hiring an Internationally Competent Employee?

An international curriculum that is challenging as well as rewarding is essential to developing globally competent students and future managers trained to thrive in the increasingly diverse global economy. The development of new and innovative courses ensures that students are receiving leading business knowledge to make them globally competitive. Consider the wide array of degrees with an international focus offered by The University of Memphis.

The International MBA Program created and administered by the Wang Center develops the business skills, country understanding, cultural competencies, and global mindset to do business just about anywhere in the world. Experiential learning is at the heart of the IMBA Program, which features a mandatory overseas summer study session and a full-time fall semester internship at a foreign host company. Seven business tracks are available -- each specially designed to ensure long-term success in an international environment. Visit our web site to learn more:

The Undergraduate International Business Degree, Executive MBA, and MBA Programs have been enhanced by the Wang Center's support for international curricula and study abroad programs. The Wang Center also works with faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences to integrate international business themes into area studies and foreign language curricula. Though a partnership with the College of Education, the Memphis CIBER engages in the internationalization and the development of cultural competency in K-12 students to prepare them for the emerging global society.

Need New Methodologies or Current International Content for Your Students?

Faculty from across the U.S. visit Memphis each year to attend programs on internationalizing their curriculum. The Memphis CIBER has become widely recognized as a leader for its academic outreach programs for faculty. These programs help faculty infuse more international content in courses and curricula and implement this content in innovative ways. Activities include pedagogical training, as well as study abroad opportunities. Target faculty include business, area studies, foreign language, and community college business faculty. Programs include faculty development in international business (FDIB), business workshops for foreign language faculty (FLW), and faculty study abroad (FSA).

Faculty Development in International Business (FDIB) Seminars

Memphis CIBER hosts a series of FDIB seminars each June. The program is organized into 3.5-day workshops with five separate seminars conducted by nationally known scholars with international business expertise and strong teaching skills. Seminars include Introduction to International Business, International Finance, International Management, International Marketing, and Global Information Technology. …