My Brilliant Career: Career Management, Coaching and Development: As in Other Industries, Financial Services Employers Are Seeking Workers with More Generalist and Flexible Skills. Jim Bright Outlines the Seven Key Attributes for a Brilliant Career. (Career Progression)

Article excerpt

Most people are aware of the old saying: "If you want to get a job done, do it yourself". Never has this been truer as with taking care of our own careers.

Most workers are only too aware that work has changed out of all recognition in the last 20 years. Here are a few of the developments:

Responses to these changes have been dramatic and sometimes brutal. Many people have fallen by the wayside in the rush by companies to maintain the currency of products and processes to suit new and emerging business markets. Along the way there has been a shift from rewarding workers with skills to rewarding skilled workers.

Workers with skills represent the old way of thinking about employees. They are the people who were trained long ago in particular processes and techniques, for which demand is rapidly diminishing or has already vanished. Understandably these employees are frustrated, anxious, angry and increasingly redundant.

Skilled workers represent the smarter approach to work in the new economy. A skilled worker is one who develops a portfolio of careers, as Hugh Davies in Titanium Professional puts it. These people understand that in order to succeed in the new economy, a set of core transferable skills are more likely to be important than specific narrow skills. The seven key skills required in the new economy for a Brilliant Career are:

1. Emotional intelligence

* Brilliant interpersonal skills

* Stress resilience

* Armoury of coping strategies

* Top networking skills

* Interpersonal fluency

2. Meta intelligence

* Learning how to learn

* Spotting opportunities to apply existing models

* Seeing an angle

* Being creative

3. Strategic intelligence

* Resilience

* Focus

* Seeing the bigger picture

* Knowing when to give up

* Risk taking

* Being a lion (swallowing your pride)

* Picking the right fights

* Picking the windshifts

4. Luck and chance

* Being in the right place

* Not taking it personally

* Knowing where your talent starts and ends

* Wanting it to happen

5. Rock-solid self-belief

* Not letting them get you down

* Leaving your self-doubts at the doorstep

* Self-investment

6. Tenacity

* Knowing how much you want it

* Maintaining high levels of energy

* Dealing with setbacks

* Turning negatives into positives

7. Doing it well and with integrity

* Have a personal code

* Have a professional code

* Treat people like elephants (they have long memories)

* Treat your friends well and your enemies better

* Dress appropriately: see-through is not sexy

The personal audit

The good news is that any individual can hone these skills. Below are two profiles of successful individuals who are very different yet successful.

The profiles are of two individuals, A and B. We measure their levels of emotional intelligence (EQ), meta intelligence (MQ), strategic intelligence (SQ), luck and chance seeking (LC), self-belief (SB), tenacity (TN) and integrity (IN). …