Automation Comes to GFI's Data

Article excerpt

Byline: Melanie Wold

GFI, the independent broking firm, has automated its broker and transaction data using software from CSK, a provider of real-time data distribution and integration solutions.GFI was manually capturing and recording data from sources including telephone, e-mail and instant messaging. The brokerage wanted to record and move data automatically between larger groups of people in real-time.

GFI streams broker and trading system data over the internet or via spreadsheets to brokers and customers globally. It uses CSK's Slingshot, a product that automates market data distribution internally or over the internet.

Michel Everaert, global head of product marketing at GFInet, the technology arm of GFI Brokers, says: "We use Slingshot to distribute real-time data from our brokerage desk or electronic trading systems to our customers' external applications."

Data distribution includes sending energy prices, for coal and electricity, directly to browser pages for customers in real-time. GFI distributes currency options to the Fenics FX option pricing and risk management software, a GFI product, also using Slingshot. Everaert says GFI will soon add more sets of data.

Slingshot's second use is as an internal messaging tool, providing credit derivatives prices to internal applications, mainly real-time spreadsheets. "You type in a value, or it is added automatically, and it is sent to all users of the spreadsheets. …