Cuba Is a Land of Corruption and Oppression

Article excerpt


Sir, - Your correspondent, Allan Brookfield, appears to want to nominate Fidel Castro for a Nobel Peace Prize (Post, May15). His two week 'tourist trip analysis' of the Cuban political situation beggars belief and does the long-suffering 'Cubanos' a serious disservice.

He feels the three recent dissidents executed by this evil dictator had a fair trial, as many others who have been killed by the Castro regime.

Mr Brookfield further pontificates spuriously about the benefits of the Castro era, 100 per cent education. In what? - Propaganda about the wicked free world and the Cuban liberation by Castro and another vile tyrant, Che Guevara, a man who shot his own soldiers for falling asleep on a 24 hour watch.

There is nothing in Cuba for the people, no shops, poor facilities in medical/ dental care, no medication whatsoever, ration books for a little milk and rice each week. Does he blame the USA embargo for that? Where is all the income from tourism, sugar, cigars, fish/lobsters going? Not to benefit the people.

Castro's five-hour soporific anti-USA inane rambling speeches are legendary. The elections Mr Brookfield suggests are democratic and a fiasco. …