Points of View: Little Bit of Canada's War History in the Attic?

Article excerpt

Byline: Dr Stephen Davies, Project Director, The Canadian Letters and Images Project, 900 Fifth Street, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada V9R 5S5. Email: letter@mala. bc. ca Phone: 250-753-3245 X2131 Website: http:// www.mala.bc.ca/history/letters

I AM writing to ask the assistance of the readers of the News Letter in furthering a national Canadian history project.

The Canadian Letters and Images Project is an online archive of the Canadian war experience that uses letters, diaries, photographs, and other related personal materials to permit Canadians to tell their stories in their own words and images.

What makes this project particularly unique is that as an online archive we do not keep materials. We borrow all materials for copying and scanning and then return them to the families. In this manner it allows families to share the materials from their family's past and still retain control of those valued heirlooms.

We are seeking materials related to Canadians during war from any period, but in particular from the World War One era. Significant numbers of those who served with the Canadian forces were recent immigrants to Canada, so that many of the letters to family and friends came back to Great Britain. …