More Handicapped Parking Spots to Be Available

Article excerpt

Byline: Garry Winter Daily Herald Correspondent

Sun City residents will get more handicapped parking spaces by their Prairie Lodge clubhouse.

Sun City Community Association's board of directors voted to accept a conceptual plan to designate additional parking spaces for the community's handicapped residents who use the facility regularly.

Although definitive plans were not adopted, the board agreed to look into the costs and feasibility and a timetable for when to add the spaces, said Judy Julison, vice president executive director of the Community Association.

The association is an independent, not-for-profit corporation set up by developer Del Webb to manage common property and activities at Sun City, according to Julison.

As such, the issue does not involve Del Webb, said Harald Seuss, a resident member of the CAM board. The community association would make and decisions. Any funds needed would come from the association too, he said.

The clubhouse parking lot is not due for resurfacing and re- striping until the summer of 2004, Julison said. The board will have to decide whether to wait until then to place additional handicapped parking or perhaps do it sooner with a special project. Meanwhile the proposal remains a concept to be studied, she said.

The proposal was made to the board by Seuss. Seuss had spearheaded a petition drive asking for additional handicapped parking spaces.

Seuss said before the meeting that he was raising the issue "at the request of several members of the community. …