Case Notes: JUDGE'S LIFE SENTENCE FOR KILLER DISEASE; Lucky Escape for Legal Man after Routine Blood Test

Article excerpt

Byline: Greg Tindle

JUDGE John Prosser admits he's a very lucky man given there was no evidence that he was probably heading towards prostate cancer.

But a routine blood test suggested by his GP revealed the verdict - he was carrying all the tell-tale signs and he needed to make a decision.

Never slow to make his mind up after a lifetime in the legal profession, Judge Prosser opted for an immediate operation and with successful surgery is now well on the way to a full recovery.

And after his brush with the disease the 70-year-old is now urging others to keep a close watch for the illness that kills more than 10,000 men each year in the UK.

``I was not only surprised when my tests proved positive but damn lucky considering I've lost three friends who have died from the disease in the last 12 months,'' he said.

Judge Prosser said he was persuaded to have the blood test as part of the Cardiff-wide GP scheme - the largest in the UK - where thousands of men are beingchecked for prostate cancer and it's follow-up treatment. ``I had no symptoms but my GP suggested that because I was at an awkward age it was best to make sure.

``After my experience my advice to others is it would be a very wise move to get a similar check-up.''

Judge Prosser said he was given three options to choose from.

``This included a period of monitoring without treatment, radiotherapy or surgery. …