Local Network Security Market Heats Up with Nokia's Entry

Article excerpt

Byline: edu h. lopez

The entry of Nokia Internet Communications (NIC) into the local market would heat up competition in the network security and virtual private network (VPN) solutions market.

NIC, a division of mobile phone giant Nokia, has forged a partnership with its local distributor, Software & Engineering Systems, Inc. (S&E) to market Nokia?s full range of network security, VPN and secure content management solutions.

Jeff Ratzlaff, NIC director for marketing in Asia Pacific said that Nokia?s goal is to build wireless infrastructure and provide firewall/VPN appliance to its clients.

?We?re happy of our presence in the Philippines so we could add value to our solutions for our customers,? he said.

Ratzlaff noted that most of the companies? expenditure in IP (Internet protocol) is focused on accelerating growth.

Companies are looking for IP security solutions by getting more return from their investments, he said.

The network is becoming more complex and its integrity is becoming more critical. Ratzlaff said that IP security is becoming more a central decision by most companies.

With IP security as a key enabler of the mobile Internet, Ratzlaff is expecting a rapid adoption of the wireless technology.

Nokia has partnered with CheckPoint and Trend Micro to provide best of breed IP security solutions.

Ratzlaff also noted a rapid growth in the network security market in the Asia Pacific region over the past few years.

Business leaders are paying more attention in increasing investments to ensure that proprietary information in their networks is never compromised. …