It's Your Shout!: Smarten Up Your Act, City Pupils Tell Teachers; RESEARCH by a Schoolwear Supplier Has Revealed That 45 per Cent of the Population Feel Teachers Should Wear Some Kind of Uniform. Students from Nuneaton and Coventry Give RICHARD PEARCE Their Views on Whether They Would Want to See Such a "Dress Code"

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HOME: Sarah lives with dad Steve, a manager at Axa Assurance, mum Lucille, an office manager at Synaptic Systems, and has a sister, Emily and brother Matthew.

SCHOOL: Cardinal Wiseman RC School, Coventry.

CAREER HOPES/AMBITIONS: Actress, singer or someone involved in the media.

INTERESTS: Going out with my mates, listening to music.

SARAH'S VERDICT: I agree. Kids can get told off for looking untidy if they haven't got part of their uniform or are wearing jewellery or their hair is too short or too long. They're told they're letting the school down.Teachers can wear more or less what they like. Most are very well dressed, but I do feel they could wear a uniform. When you're a child, if your school has a uniform, you have to wear it whether you like it or not. But for a teacher, it would be their choice to come to a school so they should wear the right clothes.

I think a uniform is good because it's smart and you represent your school. It's good for parents as well, because they only have to pay for the uniform. If we have to wear our own clothes it's all about fashion - and there's peer pressure over who's wearing what. A uniform helps to cut out the bullying.


HOME: Erika lives at home with dad Alan, a hotel manager, mum Lynda, a childminder, and has a brother, Richard, and two sisters, Lucy and Laura.

SCHOOL: Etone Community School, Nuneaton.

CAREER HOPES/AMBITION: Infant school teacher.

INTERESTS: Swimming, going out with friends.

ERIKA'S VERDICT: I think what teachers wear for school is unfair, because men have to wear shirts and ties, whereas female teachers are allowed to wear whatever they like. Women have more choice than men. Teachers tell us to take our jewellery off, but most of them wear it. A uniform would make it more equal between men and women.


HOME: Cassie lives with dad Douglas, a manager at Palletways, mum Andrea, a receptionist at John's Hair Design, and has two sisters, Leanne and Joanna.

SCHOOL: Etone Community School, Nuneaton.

CAREER HOPES/AMBITIONS: To become a lawyer or solicitor. …