No Time for the Little People

Article excerpt

A PRIESTS criticism of the Church as not having done enough for the poor brings back an incident during the rule of Emperor Hadrian of Rome. Hadrian was approached by an old hag with a grievance, and when he said he had no time for her (emperors are busy), she replied, If you have no time for me, you have no time to rule!

Jesus charge about doing the least for His brethren is not just about being Christian, its about true leadership.

Too bad, the hags words cant be addressed to government officials and functionaries by Edgardo de la Cruz, a retired government employe since 1991. A member of the Cavite Fishing Club, he was concerned about the destruction of coral reefs through dynamite fishing. He wrote to then President Ramos and got a reply. He didnt say what the reply was. Then he wrote to President Estrada but got no reply.

Now, De la Cruz also receives a monthly pension of R1,122. 50 from the GSIS but its not remitted regularly. His check for March is still nowhere to find. …