1. Minutes of the 57th Annual General Meeting of the Society

Article excerpt

The 57th Annual General Meeting of the Bibliographical Society of Canada/Societe bibliographique du Canada was held on Tuesday, June 18, 2002/mardi, le 18 juin, 2002 at the Nova Scotia Archives & Records Management, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The meeting was called to order at 4 p.m.

1. Welcome from the President: Peter McNally welcomed all members to the Annual General Meeting. He called for the approval of the agenda. Moved by Apollonia Steele, seconded by David McKnight. The agenda was adopted as written.

2. Minutes of the 2001 Annual General Meeting: Peter McNally called for additions or corrections. There being none, it was moved by Patricia Belier, seconded by Sheila Latham, that the minutes be approved. CARRIED.

3. Report of the President: Peter McNally reported that his 3-year term as President has come to an end. He referred to the following accomplishments as results of the Strategic Plan adopted in 2001:

A. The Society was voted a full member of the Humanities and Social Sciences Federation of Canada. The fees are within the Society's budget.

B. The Society received a three-year grant of $21,600 from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada to digitize the Papers/cahiers, following an application prepared by David McKnight and Peter McNally. The project will be jointly managed by McGill University and the University of Toronto.

C. Fund-raising plans for the Society have been well advanced by Ralph Stanton (University of British Columbia) and Richard Landon (University of Toronto). Council considered the proposals and documentation, and approved three fund-raising categories. A fund-raising group, including Ralph Stanton, Peter McNally, and the President and Vice-Presidents of the Society, will organize the campaign.

Peter McNally commented on the close relationship between the Society and the History of the book in Canada/ L'histoire de l'imprime au Canada project. Janet Friskney is the Council's liaison with the project.

Peter McNally reported on behalf of Ralph Stanton, the Chair of the Fellowships Committee, that the Tremaine Fellowship for 2002 has been awarded to Sandra Alston, who is a past President of the Society, and a former recipient of the Tremaine Medal.

Peter McNally reported on a one-day Symposium on Book and Print Culture, organized by Dr. Leslie Howsam (in conjunction with the University of Toronto Press series in Book and Print Culture) as part of the Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Toronto in May 2002. Members discussed the implications of the formation of a parallel group devoted to print culture, and some expressed the hope that future symposiums could possibly be held under the umbrella of the Society, as well as other societies involved with meetings of the Congress. Other members indicated that there is a perception that the Society's interests are mainly Canadian in focus, and not broadly interdisciplinary. However many members agreed that informal discussion with Dr. Howsam should be ongoing, and that ways should be sought to participate in creative partnerships with other groups, as the Society has done in the past.

Peter McNally then suggested that the Society should reconsider its Objectives, with a view to clarifying a broader understanding of bibliography to include book history and print culture, and to reflect the possibility of the inclusion of non-Canadian topics from time to time. He reported that Council has considered the following changes, which could form a basis for members' comments before being formally presented to the Society:

Existing: The objectives of the BSC/SBC as indicated in our constitution are:

1. To promote the study of bibliography and the publication of works of bibliography (whether notes, articles, editions, books, etc.), with a principal emphasis on those connected with Canada. …