Diamond Madge; Madonna in the Image of Hollywood Stars for Her Latest Pop Video, Helped by [Pounds Sterling]13m Worth of Gems

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SHE has always wanted to make it as a film star. But Madonna's movies are regularly panned by critics and her last effort, Swept Away, didn't get a UK cinema release.

So now the pop singer has done the next best thing.

She has moulded herself in the image of some of Hollywood's greatest former stars for the video promoting her new single called ... Hollywood.

It forms a completely new look for 44-year- old Madonna as she wears diamonds worth [pounds sterling]13million to pay homage to the likes of Jean Harlow and Ginger Rogers.

Casting off her recent image inspired by military uniforms, the woman known as Madge to her British film director husband Guy Ritchie swathes herself in furs and gowns. An aide close to the singer said: 'She has really gone to town and looks great.' Madonna's bright blonde hair was dyed a subtle shade of red to emulate dancing icon Miss Rogers, while it was coiffed into a 1930s-style mane for her adaptation of Miss Harlow. …