Voice of the Faithful Are Hardly 'Rabble-Rousers'

Article excerpt


I am shocked and dismayed by the editorial "A few bad shepherds" (Wednesday), particularly the segment quoted below:

"The issue is deeper than sex and abuse of power, as radicals are using the weakened authority of the hierarchy to further their agenda for leftist reform in the church. For example, Voice of the Faithful, a prominent group founded in the wake of the scandal ostensibly to deal with sex abuse, is comprised of leading dissenters on church teaching against abortion, divorce, homosexuality and married or women priests. One of Mr. Keating's failures was to give too much voice to this faction of rabblerousers."

This is not mere distortion. These are outright lies. I have been a member of VOTF since its inception early last year. I belong to the steering committee of the Parish Voice in Concord, Mass. We are a group of men and women, young and old. I am 81 myself, and there are a number of fathers and mothers with young children. They give much of their time and energy because they are determined that nothing like what has happened to so many young and vulnerable children will ever happen again. Most of our members serve our parish in other capacities. Some are altar servers, lectors, Eucharistic ministers, choir members or religious teachers. What a bunch of rabble-rousers.

One of our just-completed efforts has been the preparation of a booklet on protection of children. …