Current Labor Statistics

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Current Labor Statistics

Notes on labor statistics

Comparative indicators

 1. Labor market indicators
 2. Annual and quarterly percent changes in
      compensation, prices, and productivity
 3. Alternative measures of wages and
      compensation changes

Labor force data

 4. Employment status of the population,
      seasonally adjusted
 5. Selected employment indicators,
      seasonally adjusted
 6. Selected unemployment indicators,
      seasonally adjusted
 7. Duration of unemployment,
      seasonally adjusted
 8. Unemployed persons by reason for unemployment,
      seasonally adjusted
 9. Unemployment rates by sex and age,
      seasonally adjusted
10. Unemployment rates by States,
      seasonally adjusted
11. Employment of workers by States,
      seasonally adjusted
12. Employment of workers by industry,
      seasonally adjusted
13. Average weekly hours by industry,
      seasonally adjusted
14. Average hourly earnings by industry,
      seasonally adjusted
15. Average hourly earnings by industry
16. Average weekly earnings by industry
17. Diffusion indexes of employment change,
      seasonally adjusted
18. Establishment size and employment covered under UI,
      private ownership, by NAICS supersector
19. Annual data establishment, employment, and wages,
      covered under UI and UCFE, by ownership
20. Annual data: Establishments, employment,
      and wages covered under UI and UCFE, by State
21. Annual data: Employment and average annual pay of
      UI- and UCFE-covered workers, by largest counties
22. Annual data: Employment status of the population
23. Annual data: Employment levels by industry
24. Annual data: Average hours and earnings level,
      by industry

Labor compensation and collective
bargaining data

25. Employment Cost Index, compensation,
      by occupation and industry group
26. Employment Cost Index, wages and salaries,
      by occupation and industry group
27. Employment Cost Index, benefits, private industry
28. Employment Cost Index, private nonfarm workers,
      by bargaining status, region, and area size
29. Participants in benefit plans, medium and large firms
30. Participants in benefits plans, small firms
      and government
31. Work stoppages involving 1,000 workers or more

Price data

32. Consumer Price Index: U.S. city average, by expenditure
      category and commodity and service groups
33. Consumer Price Index: U.S. city average and
      local data, all items
34. Annual data: Consumer Price Index, all items
      and major groups
35. Producer Price Indexes by stage of processing
36. Producer Price Indexes for the net output of major
      industry groups
37. Annual data: Producer Price Indexes
      by stage of processing
38. U.S. export price indexes by Standard International
      Trade Classification
39. U.S. import price indexes by Standard International
      Trade Classification
40. U.S. export price indexes by end-use category
41. U.S. import price indexes by end-use category
42. U.S. international price indexes for selected
      categories of services

Productivity data

43. Indexes of productivity, hourly compensation,
      and unit costs, data seasonally adjusted
44. Annual indexes of multifactor productivity
45. Annual indexes of productivity, hourly compensation,
      unit costs, and prices
46. Annual indexes of output per hour for selected

International comparisons data

47. Unemployment rates in nine countries,
      data seasonally adjusted
48. Annual data: Employment status of the civilian
      working-age population, 10 countries
49. Annual indexes of productivity and related measures,
      12 countries

Injury and illness data

50. Annual data: Occupational injury and illness
      incidence rates
51. Fatal occupational injuries by event
      or exposure

Notes on Current Labor Statistics

This section of the Review presents the principal statistical series collected and calculated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics: series on labor force; employment; unemployment; labor compensation; consumer, producer, and international prices; productivity; international comparisons; and injury and illness statistics. …